Phenix Fibersect Benefits

Download fibersect.multi benefits PDF


  • zero training required
  • one button operation
    • none of the complicated monitors or tools required of laser or hand cleaving
  • increased safety for user
    • protects user from stray fibers or other harmful exposures
  • easy maintenance
    • waste bin collects scraps for easy clean-up
  • palm size portability
  • battery powered
  • automate production and reduce human variables
  • simplifies process
    • no more hand scribing
    • no more denubbing
    • no more air polishing


  • cuts all single and multiple fiber ferrules
    • easy change adapter plates enable use with any ferrule or connector
    • MTO (4-72 fibers), LC, LC-APC, LC-Duplex, SC, SC-APC, SMA + others
  • cuts parallel to ferrule face - 0° or 8° (APC)
    • compatible with pre-angled ferrules
  • adjustable cut length
    • easily adjusts to cut from 0-600 um from face of ferrule
  • customizable options
    • vacuum dust collector
    • foot switch
    • cut counter
    • adjustable stand
    • folding stand


  • cuts flat
  • cuts close to ferrule
  • consistent, repeatable cuts
  • superior end face geometry
  • no heat exposure


  • fraction of the cost of the laser
    • allows for process automation that is not cost prohibitive
    • allows for multiple units for multiple production lines
  • savings in production
    • increased throughput
    • rework costs go down, yield goes up
    • high first pass yield
    • reduced polishing and manpower
    • minimize wasted cable length