quick start guide

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1. Remove the Shipping Screw

Re-install shipping screw if shipping or transporting the fibersect. Hand-tighten only.

2. Wake Up the Fibersect

Press and hold Start Button to turn on the fibersect. Release when the READY light turns red. The READY light will then turn green, indicating that it’s ready for use. The fibersect will turn off after ten minutes if not used.

3. Cutting the Ferrule or Connector

Hold the epoxied ferrule or connector at its base and carefully insert it into the Adapter Hole as far as it will go. For MT ferrules, the epoxy fill window must face down. Hold the ferrule or connector gently in place and initiate the cut by pressing the Start Button and then releasing it. The light will then turn yellow, indicating a cut is taking place. The cut can take from 1-4 seconds depending on the hardness and amount of epoxy.

4. Adjusting the Cut Length with Adjusting Ring

As shipped, the installed adapter will cut at approximately 100-250 µm from the face of the ferrule. This distance can be adjusted over a wide range; a distance of 50-200 µm is recommended. Use the Ring Adjust Tool by engaging its two protruding pins in the matching holes of the Adjusting Ring. Rotate the Adjusting Ring clockwise to cut closer to the ferrule face, counterclockwise to cut further away. Each calibration mark on the Adjusting Ring represents a 25 µm distance. The cut distance can be set between calibration marks for an even finer adjustment.

5. Adjusting the Orientation of Adapter Insert

MT 0˚and MT 8˚ ferrule adapter insert slots should be oriented horizontally with the arrow pointing down. For other adapter orientations, see User Information: Connector and Ferrule Adapters. After adjusting for cutting distance, use the Orientation Adjust Tool to re-orient the Adapter Hole horizontally as shown here. 

6. Changing the Ferrule/Connector Adapters

Adapters can be easily changed to accommodate different ferrules or connectors. Change the Adapter by first removing the two hex head screws. Mount the new Adapter and secure it with the two screws.

7. Regularly Check the Waste Bin

For non-vacuum models, periodically check the Waste Bin, and when necessary, safely dispose of its contents. Always empty the Waste Bin before shipping or transporting the fibersect.

8. Additional Information

  • Keep the fibersect connected to a power outlet during continuous use to keep the battery charged. For batch processing and where portability is useful, the fibersect can be run on battery power.
  • Running on battery power alone, the fibersect has a capacity of 200+ cuts. The BATT Light will flash blue when the battery requires charging. If cutting is continued, eventually the fibersect will cease to operate, indicated by a flashing red light. The battery requires approximately 4 hours to fully charge. Once fully charged the BATT Light will be solid blue.
  • The fibersect must be adjusted to cut through fibers completely encased in hardened epoxy. Set the adapter cut length so the fibersect does not cut through the ferrule. Cutting the ferrule will reduce the saw lifetime.
  • Fibers should protrude no more than 10 mm from the face of ferrule.
  • Under no circumstances should the top or bottom cover of the fibersect be removed or adjustments made. Doing so will void the warranty.